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Gillian Frazier, Antartica Melting

CJ Lori: Audubon Evening, Wellfleet

Gillian Frazier: Heaven or Hell

James C. Varnum: Wreckage II

An exhibit series, and a call for action

from over 40 Boston area artists

Climate Action

SHE event planning is in progress. Check back here. 

We urge you to follow and support the following organizations. 

A portion of proceeds from sales of our art will support these and other environmental organizations.

If your organization would like to collaborate with S.H.E., please reach out (


Life on our beautiful planet is in imminent danger. Human activities are causing irreparable damage to our communal habitat. Climate change is upon us. We need to act, and to act now. The task is so huge it can easily lead to despondence. This is where Art comes in: It speaks beyond words.

Art invites empathy and keeps us from becoming numb and from passively enduring what looks inevitable, and it can help us live up to our humanity. 

Shared Habitat Earth (SHE) suggests cross species respect, intercultural solidarity, and a shared sense of responsibility, and, in the face of enormous threats to our habitat, it calls for action.


SHE is in contact with a number of local and national environmental organizations. We will not only donate a percentage of our art sales to them and provide them with opportunities to speak at our events, but also, and more importantly, we plan to cooperate with the more active organizations, and to encourage more effective networking and cooperation among them. Stay tuned.

“Next! Exit Interviews from Future Earth”.

Written, staged and performed by Steve Hayes-Pollard

Next! Exit Interviews from Future Earth is a sci-fi-satire, a “comedy that dances along the brim of disaster”.  It’s a one-actor show about an AH, an augmented human, and how he/they choose to act out their brief time remaining, in a defiant declaration of the worth of each and every 'dreg of humanity'.  The cyborg/narrator goes in search of 5 characters, that he/they just can't forget. They will be asked to answer 5 questions before it is too late.



Witness: an AH, plus a Body with a mind of its own

King Tony: an English minor royal who became major when the others left

Josh Applegood: a Southern megachurch Preacher, far-reaching in his Word

Thierry Gregoire: a French marine biologist searching the Antartic for miracles

Ruddy Kates: a cockney billionaire joy-sticking his Superyacht

Bootsie Smith: an Australian opal miner just minding his own business


SCORE: Alan R. Lockett

Steve Hayes-Pollard graduated Cal Berkeley's Scholar/Director PhD program.

Many of his efforts might be described as social action through theatre, from taking Shakespeare through the metal detectors of Oakland, CA, high-schools, to helping set up a Science Theatre group at LB Labs, from unannounced "guerilla shows" in Irish pubs to creating theatre groups on the Colorado prairies. Writing credits also include the BBC, Japanese TV, French TV, "Columbo", and the Edinburgh Fringe.

  • Atlantic Wharf (Boston, MA)
    Sept 17 to Dec 16
    280 Congress St, Boston, MA 02210, USA
    Over 30 artists, calling for action!

Please note: The exhibit has been prolonged by one week.


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Menino Arts Center at Hyde Park

May 25 - June 30, 2022

Hopkinton Center for the Arts

April 16 - May 20, 2022

Brookline Public Library, Coolidge Corner

April 15 - June 30, 2022 

April 21, 7 PM:  Virtual reception and panel with “Mothers Out Front

Paula Estey Gallery

The PEG Center, Newburyport

April 15 - May 28, 2022

May 14:  Reception, screening and discussion of “The Anthropologist

Conant Gallery at Lawrence Academy

January 14 - March 4, 2022

"Studio 137" Neighborhood Exhibit

Featuring works by 20+ artists

June 10 - July 10, 2022

Hours: Thursday to Saturday, 12 - 5pm

Opening Reception: June 17, 5pm

137 Jordan Rd, Brookline, MA

Special Event: Artist & Activism Virtual Panel

with Shared Habitat Earth (SHE), Mothers Out Front, Surfrider Foundation

April 21, 2022

Recording here

Future Exhibits and Events

Belmont Gallery of Art
19 Moore Street
Belmont, MA 02478

Exhibition Dates:

March 10 - April 30, 2023

Opening hours:
Thursdays and Friday 10 – 4

Saturday and Sunday 1 – 4.

Current Exhibits and Events

To be announced.

Past Exhibits and Events

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