CJ Lori: Audubon Evening, Wellfleet

Gillian Frazier: Heaven or Hell

James C. Varnum: Wreckage II

An exhibit series, and a call for action

from over 40 Boston area artists

Climate Action

SHE event planning is in progress. Check back here. 

We urge you to follow and support the following organizations. 

A portion of proceeds from sales of our art will support these and other environmental organizations.

If your organization would like to collaborate with S.H.E., please reach out (


Life on our beautiful planet is in imminent danger. Human activities are causing irreparable damage to our communal habitat. Climate change is upon us. We need to act, and to act now. The task is so huge it can easily lead to despondence. This is where Art comes in: It speaks beyond words.

Art invites empathy and keeps us from becoming numb and from passively enduring what looks inevitable, and it can help us live up to our humanity. 

Shared Habitat Earth (SHE) suggests cross species respect, intercultural solidarity, and a shared sense of responsibility, and, in the face of enormous threats to our habitat, it calls for action.


SHE is in contact with a number of local and national environmental organizations. We will not only donate a percentage of our art sales to them and provide them with opportunities to speak at our events, but also, and more importantly, we plan to cooperate with the more active organizations, and to encourage more effective networking and cooperation among them. Stay tuned.

Current Exhibits and Special Events:

Coolidge Corner Library

(Public Library, Brookline, MA)

Exhibit through June 30, 2022

Exhibit details here.

Special Event: Virtual Panel of Artists and Activists

with Shared Habitat Earth (SHE), Mothers Out Front, Surfrider Foundation

Event details here

Recording here:

Paula Estey Gallery

at The PEG Center

Newburyport, MA

Exhibit details here.

Special Event: Art-Science Talk

Saturday May 21, 2022, 3pm

Presented with Galatea Fine Art

Dr. Nathan Phillips

Boston University, Dept. of Earth and Environment

How do we build our community through art and science to impact climate change?

Galatea Fine Art

460 Harrison Avenue #B6

SoWa Art District, Boston, MA

Other Upcoming Events & Exhibits

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